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I have mod security installed on my server. It is working for all IP addresses.

Now I need to EXCLUDE specific IP addresses from applying this mod-security. How can I do so? Is there a way to control it using apache?

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Here the article. The first one is IP based too. what luck.

Excerpt from that page.

Disabling mod_security conditionally per IP ^

This will make sure that you aren't processed by mod_security, but this only works if you have a static IP (Get your IP information). Just add this towards the top of your .htaccess file. before your mod_security code. Setting this variable causes the module to be disabled for this specific IP address, this means you won't run into any problems while posting yourself..

SetEnvIfNoCase Remote_Addr ^$ MODSEC_ENABLE=Off

# You can use multiple SetEnvIf directives to control it further.
# This only turns it off for your IP + a POST request method.
# SetEnvIf Remote_Addr ^$ MODSEC_ENABLE=Off
# SetEnvIf Request_Method !^POST$ MODSEC_ENABLE=On
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