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I installed windows server 2003 R2 and then install IIS, when I check the default website And it stopped, nothing in event log, I can't start, when press start, nothing happen,

What should I do?

Update, I also uninstall and reinstall iis 6, and IISAdmin service start, but the default website stopped and won't start.

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Is World Wide Web Publishing Started? Are there any error messages, when you try to start?

Anything in Event Logs?

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One of windows hot fixes stopped that, because after I reinstall windows and install iis, work properly. Last time, First install windows hot fixes then install iis and that's problem –  user19049 Oct 12 '10 at 18:07
Glad to know that! –  Rahul Soni Oct 13 '10 at 13:42

Not sure if this is still unresolved. But have you checked the file permissions on the wwwroot folder, or which ever folder is the home directory?

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Have you installed all the correct pre-req for IIS or all the components ? also have you checked any and all services related to IIS quickest way - organised via start up - automatic and have a look for ones which haven't started. Be aware there are one or two services that may not of started and you will get a info message stating this.

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