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Is there any way to install blogger on a website?

For example, my website willbe www.blog.someurl.com or www.someurl.com/blog

Thanks in advance

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What website? What is your server running? Is it your server; can you install software on it? Do you have any preferences for blogging software? –  MadHatter Oct 12 '10 at 11:11

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If you're talking about hosting your own blogger instance, Google doesn't allow that. Blogger runs on Google's servers only. The best you can do is buy a domain name and set up Blogger to use it, but it will still be on Google's servers, not your own. If you want to host your own platform on your own server, you'll need to use something like Wordpress or Movable Type.

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Blogger stopped supporting publishing via FTP in March of this year which would have been the ideal solution for you. They do however support custom domains, so you should be able to setup www.blog.someurl.com as a custom domain on Blogger. There's a load of documentation online for this which should get you started. Come back here if you get stuck.

The control panel and management of this will all still be on Blogger. If you need to move this to your own website completely then you'd want to be considering something like self-hosted Wordpress.

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Go to http:// blogger.com Sign In using your Google Account. Create a Blog. Goto Settings>Publishing>Advanced>Specify your own domain name eg. blog.domain.com

A more detailed tutorial if you google. http://www.hipatic.com/2009/02/setting-up-blogger-with-cocc-domain.html

By the way this question does not belong here. You might ask this on superuser.com (AFAIK)

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