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Following this question

I was able to create my index using a PHP file included in a SHTML file as follows

<!--#include virtual="/header.php" -->

This is written in the "header.shtml" which is declared as HeaderName in the .htaccess-file.

Now, this works perfectly fine on my local host (a MAMP-PRO), but when I upload it to my webspace, it won't work - The file is not included. When I check the source code, the directive written above to include the PHP is just written in plain text, so it seems it's not executed by the server.

Is there a flag I need to set to make this work? Or any workaround?!

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The hoster must load mod_include. Also, someone (the hoster or you) has to configure it:

AddType text/html .shtml
AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml

Also, either in .htaccess or in the < Directory > block matching your directory:

Options +Includes
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I had those already in my .htaccess – Florian Peschka Oct 12 '10 at 20:07
Does shtml work for including HTML files, without PHP in the game? – AEP Oct 14 '10 at 16:27

SSI probably needs to be enabled.

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I asked my provider and he assures me that it is enabled. – Florian Peschka Oct 12 '10 at 20:07

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