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We send emails to clients and bcc each email sent to a few mailing lists. We re using:

  • Google apps
  • From email: is in our domain

We ve been doing this for a few months now but as of 11 am ET today, Outlook users on any of the mailing lists have been seeing: "From on behalf of Domain Emailer".

The process that sends the email uses SMTP through Javamail.

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In case some one is wondering why this happened. I inspected the email headers closely and found this:


Google starting adding this yesterday and thats what caused Outlook to say "on behalf of" all of a sudden.

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Although I would need more details to understand the issue, the following two links should be able to help you out -


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We re not using a different account to send the emails out. The from: is the same as the login. For some reason Outlook is showing the Return Path in the from as well. – ankimal Oct 12 '10 at 17:36

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