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Where does mongo install on centos? I want to remove some databases and file collections as well as uninstall it all together, can anyone help?

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As it inst a core package it all depends on where you told it to go when you compiled it, or where the package maintainer did.

have a look in /etc/init.d/mongodb and it should have an argument --dbpath that will tell you where the DB's are stored.

As for removing it; it really all depends how it was installed...

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figured it out, had to look in /etc/mongod.conf for the stored paths, uninstalled it via the "yum" command and the removed the db directory. – user56572 Oct 13 '10 at 7:47

Mongodb uses /data to store there database on ubuntu see if database is there.

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If you used the offical 10gen rpms it puts it in

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The best way to discover where an application is actually installed in a unix-like OS is to run which [command], so in your case which mongod and which mongo.

The config files should be at /etc/mongodb.conf In there you should see where the database files and log files are stored.

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