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I have a protected folder in my server.


It also has a lot of subfolders with different services.


Now, i'd like to shorten the url of some services. I'd like to use symbolic links.

/var/www/service1 -> private/service1

Now the tests:

http://localhost/private/service1 <-- Asks for password, like i want.

http://localhost/service1 <-- Doesn't ask for password!!

Is this a general limitation of symbolic links or a misconfiguration issue? Tried on Fedora and Ubuntu with quite standard configs (i can post them at request).

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you probably enabled htaccess only for the target directory. you should also do the same for the symlink itself with:

<directory /var/www/symlink>
allowoverride all 

apache does not process the directives defined for the target directory after finding the symlink in the path. anyway, I would use an alias in apache config instead of symlinking. for shortening urls, that is.

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I tried <Directory /var/www/service1>... and no joy. – LatinSuD Oct 13 '10 at 9:54
i apologize, i didn't pay attention to your directory structure. your htaccess is in private, not in private/service1 so a symlink from outside private to service1 will bypass the .htaccess rules. the only fix i see for this is using an alias instead of symlink – sysfault Oct 13 '10 at 10:12

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