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I need to direct a subdomain to another server. It works fine for subdomain.domain.com but not for www.subdomain.domain.com - is it possible to point the "www" to the server IP as well as I know many users enter a "www" as well

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CNAME the www explicitly:

$ORIGIN domain.com.
subdomain IN CNAME destination.com.
www.subdomain IN CNAME destination.com.

Or use a wildcard if you really want anything (www.subdomain.domain.com, blah.subdomain.domain.com, etc.) redirected:

$ORIGIN domain.com.
subdomain IN CNAME destination.com.
*.subdomain IN CNAME destination.com.
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* is pretty useful. I hadn't thought of *.subdomain - kind of handy. –  dunxd Oct 13 '10 at 13:37
* can also be quite tricky. See Q 5.9 of the comp.protocols.tcp-ip.domains FAQ faqs.org/faqs/internet/tcp-ip/domains-faq/part2 –  adamo Oct 13 '10 at 14:09

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