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Has anyone found a way to load windows 7 on a drive and when that is completed copy the drive to another drive. I have the drive copier but I am being told you can not copy a drive because of the NewSid or should I say the lack of. I have a drive duplicator that will go to waist if I can not copy drives after I make a good image.

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If you Sysprep the image after you complete the install then you should be able to make duplicates.

Here is a step by step guide.

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Well one option would be to create a hardware raid 1 mirror and then proceed to installation. this is the hardware solution. In terms of Software some ghost-like imaging products come to mind.

the sid should be fine as long as only 1 of the drives are online in a system at a time. if you plan on having both up and running you would need to sysprep the system.

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