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IIS 6.0 on Windows Server 2003 - Individual websites won't remained stopped after a IIS restart.


We still run some old vb6/asp sites that require us to register / un-register the dlls.
Here is the steps that usually work:

  1. stop the site associated with my dll.
  2. restart iis (so it can unlock the dll, all other sites come back up, this one SHOULD remain stopped)
  3. un-register the dll
  4. register new dll
  5. play/start website

This has worked for 4 years. All of the sudden step 2 no longer behaves the same. When I stop the site, restart iis, it starts right up.

Changes that have occurred recently to the server :

  1. Performed the recent security patches.
  2. Administrator Profile was lost and recreated when RDP from Windows 7 (i posted that here as well)
  3. 1 of 2 drives that are mirrored have failed on this machine.

If any one has ideas / suggestions let me know.


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