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I have a user account in SBS2003 that was disabled when the user left the company. I now have a need to access the user's mailbox. I can enable the account in Server Management no problem, and change the password successfully.

When I go to log in to webmail at, I get the following error:

You could not be logged on to Outlook Web Access. Make sure your domain\user name and password are correct, and then try again.

I am confident that the username and password are correct. How can I access this user's exchange mailbox?

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If you haven't already, pop into Exchange and take a look at the mailbox to make sure it's still associated with a user account (they may have been disconnected - I'm not entirely sure how SBS handles the disabling) - and that the mailbox itself isn't disabled.

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In exactly the same situation. Running the Cleanup Agent on the store fixed the above problem for us, the mailbox was immediately available to us again thereafter.

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