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Are there any software solutions that will be able to handle replicating the data from one SAS based DAS (a Dell MD3200) attached to two R410 servers running clustered Server 2008 R2 Hyper V instances in a co location data center to another MD3200 attached to another two R410 servers running clustered Server 2008 R2 Hyper V instances that are in our office so that in the event that the data center goes down it is simply a matter of turning on the VMs in our office and the VMs are able to start up as if they were a server that had been turned off without being shutdown?

I have recently seen someone doing something similar with HP’s left hand SAN offering and VMWare where they were able to have iSCSI endpoints clustered together and replicating across a WAN link so that if for some reason the data center became unavailable they could simply start up the VMs on ESX servers running in their local office and the only negative affect is that to the VMs it was like being turned off instead of properly shut down which most applications like SQL will handle without too much trouble.

I would like to do something similar but use DAS based storage instead of HP's Left Hand SAN and Hyper V R2 instead of ESX.

This blog entry indicates that Clustered Shared Volumes cannot be replicated but I was curious if there was third party software out there that can handle this.

Edit1: I am exploring the functionality of Double Take's Availability replication product but based on what I have currently seen it doesn't provide any indication that it can replicate clustered Hyper V instances, just normal ones.

Edit2: I have spoken with representatives from Double Take and their product does not support replication of Cluster Shared Volumes but I have discovered that Microsoft's Data Protection Manager 2010 does support backing up Cluster Shared Volumes.

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At this point in time there does not appear to be any way to replicate cluster shared volumes used by Hyper V to store clustered VMs. If someone can find one then I will mark theirs as the answer.

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