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Me and several other people all have FTP access to the same folder. We're working on a website together but I don't want to give the other coders complete access to my site. I only want them to be able to create files and edit their own files that they create.

For example I want to give everyone access to public_html/pages

but then if I make an account called Bob I want bob to ONLY see the items in public_html/pages that he has created, and I only want him to be able to edit those pages.

I've never managed a project when there's multiple coders working on it so we all just want to do it as smoothly as possible. It's PHP we're coding here by the way.

Thanks for any advice, Dave

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Just make sure that every FTP login is linked to a user account on the FTP server and then give the relevant read-write permissions to each existing files so that only the relevant user account is allowed to view/edit the file. You can probably set it up so that when a new file is uploaded it'll get it's permissions set automatically. Though be aware that if you're using normal FTP, the passwords are sent in clear text, so anyone that wants to can sniff them and login as anyone they want...

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What ftp server that you use? Find if it posible to create ftp account and pin point the directions for the account.

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Most (probably all modern) ftp server software allows you to chroot users to their home directories. This would prevent them from being able to see or modify any files or directories outside of whatever their home directory is set to.

Maybe you can set everyone up with their own directories and let them upload their code there, and then one (or a few) people with admin privs on the system can move the code into the web directory (public_html/pages or whatever the common directory is).

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