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There is a remote host, where I'd like to run a specific script every time I connect to it via ssh. Where should I put the file to be run automatically?

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From the ssh man page:

         Commands in this file are executed by ssh
         when the user logs in, just before the user's
         shell (or command) is started.  See the
         sshd(8) manual page for more information.
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Add it to the authorized-keys file for the key you are connecting with (setup a private key auth as well) and use the command field in the file, for more info do a "man authorized-keys" to see what else you can setup.

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In the remote server?

ssh my-remote-host /usr/local/bin/my-remote-script

You can limit the ssh to run only one command with a specific key also, thus limiting the key usage. See for examples

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