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I'm replacing an SCCM box and new clients are still looking for the old server. So my question is this: What records (NOT client side) exist for SCCM to work? Wins? AD? I need to check each one to figure out what's going on.

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SCCM clients, even after being pointed to the new SCCM server, will often look to an old distribution point, if the records exist in WINS and AD. In WINS the SMS_SLP record should be updated with the New SCCM Server address. Also the following records should be deleted in AD in the System, System Management folder:

SMS-Site-<OLD Site Code>
SMS-MP-<OLD Site Code>
SMS-SLP-<OLD Site Code>
SMS-<OLD Site Code>

The records above should be in AD for you NEW SCCM server for everything to work correctly.

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