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I have a question similar to this one, but without the VLAN complications. How can(?) I configure FreeRadius 1.x to allow any combination of username/password for one realm only?

If FreeRadius 1.x does not provide this ability, does the 2.x line do so? Does some other RADIUS server have this ability? If so, I could configure this realm to proxy to the ..more tolerant... RADIUS server.

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I'm not sure about the RADIUS part, but rest should work.

From FreeRADIUS documentation, use PAM for this realm only, specify pam-auth type:

DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name ="somehunt", Auth-Type=PAM, Pam-Auth="radhunt", Simultaneous-Use=1

and then add radhunt file to /etc/pam.d/ with this contents:

auth    required
account required
session required
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