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Are Hard Disks are controlled individually under WS2008R2? meaning one HD is running 24/7 with database requests while another is spun down after 20mins until the automated monthly backup occurs.

Neither of these links mentions this:

Anyone tried hdparm (a command line utility for getting/setting various HD parameters) on WS2008R2? The real question is; does a wake up command get issued to ALL drives, or just the drive that is required at that moment?

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I believe that

A) yes, drives are controlled individually; while I don't have direct experience with WS2008R2, Win7 does stop rotating individual drives; and

B) wake commands are drive-specific.

This assumes that your system can see the individual drives (ie they are not hidden in an aggregate like a RAID controller) and that the drives really are idle. Any activity that can't be satisfied from cache (which means any write) will require the drive to be spinning.

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How can you easily tell if a drive (not RAID) is sleeping? – Mike Trader Oct 19 '10 at 7:40

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