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Possible Duplicate:
ADUC Exchange tabs - Windows 7 & Exchange 2003

Hello, I recently moved to Windows 7 and everything is fine except that I can't get the Microsoft Exchange-realted tabs back in AD. They're very helpful in dealing with Exchange related fields remotely. I used to get them on my XP mechine by installing Exchange System Manager with the AD Adminpack.

After installling Windows 7 I installed the new Adminpack that is compatible with Windows 7, and also installed Exchange Management Console which replaced the Exchange System Manager.

The problem is that I still don't have the Exchange tabs in AD and I'm out of ideas and Google isn't that helpful.

I'm using Windows 7 32-bit Pro, Exchange 2007 SP1, and Windows Server 2003 for AD.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!

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In Exchange 2007 there is no longer the Exchange Tabs in AD instead you use the Exchange Management console

if you really need to manage exchange from AD U/C then you can use

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