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The sysadmin in my company just resigned (me, intern has to fill that role) & I'm tasked to connect the external bugtracker (Redmine) with the company's Subversion server that is located inside the internal network.

The network looks like this:

[Dedicated server] 202.x.x.x --------- 202.x.x.x [IPCop] -------[SVN server]

And this is how the Redmine subversion connector settings looks like: image

What should I do to connect them? Just tell me what can be done so I could google for the tutorials & documentations.

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You should be able to map a port between the external IP of IPCop to the Internal SVN server. The Redmine configuration would then identify the external IPCop address.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Is the connection will be encrypted? I just discovered VPN technology by googling here & there, spent several hours ago reading OpenVPN explanation on encrypted connection between host-to-host. I think I'll try your suggestion first before starting to look into using vpn since I'm on a deadline. – Oct 20 '10 at 12:02
If you sent it up for https between the systems. – user48838 Oct 20 '10 at 12:33

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