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What is your favourite terminal program?

Are you a xterm traditionalist or an eterm fanboy?
Do you stick with what comes with your windowing environment:
gnome-terminal, konsole, cmd.exe or
Maybe aterm is more your thing or even rxvt?

Let us know!

This is a poll, so please only one terminal per answer. Upvote your choice, tell us why in a comment.


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Should mark this community-wiki – squillman Jun 3 '09 at 22:05

41 Answers 41

Putty Tray On Windows


Procomm Plus


eTerm when on linux ( when on mac osx, rxvt when on windows w/ cygwin and finally putty when all else fails)


urxvt. +screen

thats what i use everywhere. (*nix systems)

  • iTerm on Mac OS X, for 8-bit color support.
  • PuTTY on Windows, for lack of ever finding anything else.
  • On Linux, whatever's there. Usually gnome-terminal in Ubuntu, I guess.

Good old xterm, with this .Xresources setup:

XTerm*foreground:       green
XTerm*background:       black
XTerm*font:             7x13
XTerm*loginShell:       true
XTerm*scrollBar:        true
XTerm*rightScrollBar:   true
Gah, xterm sucks: no unicode support, no antialiasing ... – niXar Dec 3 '09 at 1:25
The "no antialising" bitmapped font is a feature as far as I'm concerned, and I haven't had to deal with unicode enough to be bothered by it. – timday Dec 3 '09 at 13:25

I notice emacs isn't represented; I like using the emacs terminal whenever possible because it integrates so nicely with the rest of my desktop.


I use Konsole, and i'm satisfied


gnome-terminal works really well. It's very fast, handles Unicode very well, can do real transparency with compiz, anti-aliased fonts and so on.


ZOC for work on SSH/Telnet and programming routers directly over serial cable for Windows and Mac. Other than that the Windows Command Prompt and for quick stuff.

share + Terminus font ,because I'm a Mac os X user !


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