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I am trying to connect with a customer by creating a VPN with Teamveiwer (I have version 4).

I installed at both ends the von support, I can correctly setup the connection (I can ping succesfully).

When I open management studio to connect to the DB on the remote server it doesn't work.

Team viewer assigned as ip of customer. The sql server instance I am trying to connect to is SQLEXPRESS08.

I tried to connect to\SQLEXPRESS08 and SERVERNAME\SQLEXPRESS08 but I cannot see the server.

What am I missing?


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What specific error is it giving you? – Dave Holland Oct 19 '10 at 15:16

I suspect it's the remote connections setting. See this post by Larry from a similar question : - specifically at the end of his post where he shows how to enable remote connections. I'd post it all here by why re-do the work :).

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I was finally able to connect by removing the instance name and using the port name instead, so\SQLEXPRESS08

was not working

but, 3572

did the job.

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