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I have two dedicated servers running Apache on RHEL5/CentOS.

The first is setup to be a name server for the domain ''

I need to set it up so that points to the second server. What command should I use or what file should I edit?

I think I have to set the 'A' record, but where do I do this in a redhat linux system?

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Which DNS (name) server package did you install? – Cry Havok Oct 20 '10 at 6:21
I have no idea what's in use - bind perhaps? All i know is that when setting up the name server for the domain (elsewhere), I used the IP addresses of our first server... How can I check the DNS server package? – siliconpi Oct 20 '10 at 6:31

You say The first is setup to be a name server for the domain ''. I'm hoping you mean it's setup for the domain, with a host (A) record called www. If not, you already have problems.

Assuming the domain is, you need a CNAME (alias) record for ABC, pointing at

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Do both servers have static IP's? If so, the abc should be an A record on the name server pointing to the IP address of the second server.

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I was mistaken in my assumptions. Neither of the servers had name servers. The domain name was registered at GoDaddy and we added the two IP addresses as 'A' DNS records.

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