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I'm trying to get Django running on IIS 6 using pyisapie and I'm having some trouble. I have pyisapie working on IIS, but it only works if I specify the full url to a specific python script like so:


I have PyISAPIe.dll set as a wildcard application map for the virtual directory where my application lives. The part that I don't understand is how do I tell PyISAPIe.dll which python script to execute when I hit my virtual directory from the url?

I want to be able to navigate to


and have be executed. If I try the 2nd url now, I get a 404.

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If you need to specify an existing, then you probably put in the configuration of the Virtual Directory on IIS6 an Application extension with PyISAPIe.dll instead of a Wildcard Application map (lower pane) in the Application Configuration screen. For me it works now.

share|improve this answer See above link as well. Have no experience here but thought that IIS supported CGI therefor why not wsgi?

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I have wsgi working on IIS already, but it only works when I hit a python script from the URL... I don't know how to configure IIS to have a WSGIScriptAlias like mod_wsgi for Apache. – Matthew J Morrison Oct 20 '10 at 20:40

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