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i have problem using SBS server 2008, my server use windows server 2008 and the FIREWALL is automatic ON. but when i check in the SBS Console (security tab) the Server Firewall is OFF (Status Critical)

why this is happen ?? i have try to OFF and then ON the Windows Firewall but when i refresh, still status is Critical


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Went through many posts online, none worked for my issue.

Ended up Restoring Default Policy in the "Advanced Firewall with Advanced Security" and voila.

Although it could have been a multi-step repair, as I had originally deleted the REPOSITORY folder under windows\system32\wbem, which didn't fix this issue, BUT did fix an updates reporting issue I was having in the SBS Console.

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The firewall service has to be on; and your default action for inbound can't be to allow all (which is probably not the case right now). Open Advanced Firewall Settings MMC and check the settings.

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In this case I usually just use netsh netsh firewall set opmode mode=disable This should still work on 2k8sbe or just use ? for help

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