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I'm configuring a bastion host with Linux. It will run DHCP and DNS (resolver, recursive and cache)

The solutions that I'm considering are:

  • djbdns
  • powerdns
  • isc dns
  • unbound

For DHCP I'm thinking about ISC DHCPD.

Something that I found interesting is dnsmasq. What do you like?

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dnsmasq is ideal for that role, although its configuration options are limited compared to a standalone DHCP or DNS server. Many small home routers now use dnsmasq in their firmware.

Should you decide against that, I'd also suggest looking at Unbound for the recursive resolver. Because it's only a recursive resolver it's not bloated with the features that a general purpose server like BIND has, but it does also support DNSSEC out of the box, unlike djbdns.

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thanks i added unbound to my question :-) – VP. Oct 21 '10 at 9:48

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