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I have read and tried a number of sync options, but none of them meet my exact needs. What I am doing:

  • I move .trn files from one Windows 2008 server to another in another location
  • I need the transfer to be secure (currently SFTP)
  • The .trn files get created every 30 minutes, there are 500+ of them
  • The directory these go to on the source has many files (7 days * 500 catalogs * 48 = 170,000+)
  • I am currently moving based on the archive flag SyncBack takes a long time just to scan for changes

What I want: - I want a process that will pickup new files as they are created and move them to the destinaton - I want this to happen near real time and not on a schedule - I do not want the process slowed by the number of total files

Any ideas?

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Try Robocopy.


Oops. Scratch that. Robocopy doesn't do secure file transfer.

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