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How would I run a command like scrapy crawl in a cron job where I need to be in a specific folder to run the command for example:

/downloads/my_crawler/empt/empt/ then the command scrapy crawl

My current crontab entry looks like this: 0 */2 * * * * root /downloads/my_cralwer/empt/empt/ scrapy crawl Thanks!

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0 */2 * * * * root cd /downloads/my_cralwer/empt/empt/ && scrapy crawl
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Adding the following lines in crontab -e runs my scrapy crawl at 5AM everyday. This is a slightly modified version of crocs' answer

* 5 * * * cd project_folder/project_name/ && scrapy crawl spider_name

Without setting PATH, cron would give me an error "command not found: scrapy". I guess this is because /usr/bin is where scripts to run programs are stored in Ubuntu.

Note that the complete path for my scrapy project is /home/user/project_folder/project_name/. I ran the env command in cron and noticed that the pwd is /home/user. Hence I skipped /home/user/ in crontab above

The cron log can be helpful while debugging

grep CRON /var/log/syslog
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I know this is an old post but to get mine to work I also needed to add a path variable. Otherwise cron may not be able find scrapy. For me it was: PATH=/usr/local/bin Just locate the scrapy binary and add the path variable to a location before the cronjob in the file. I usually use crontab -e to edit the cronjob list. But utilities like webmin can also do this.

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