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I'm about to throw in the towel on this one.

Running SQL Server 2008 enterprise on Windows 7 x64. Can't get past this issue.

When I try to Import / Export Data from databases through SQL Server Management Studio I get the following Error.


TITLE: SQL Server Import and Export Wizard

The SSIS Data Flow Task could not be created. Verify that DTSPipeline.dll is available and registered. The wizard cannot continue and it will terminate.


Cannot create a task with the name "STOCK:PipelineTask". Verify that the name is correct.

I have tried many solutions found via Google, but none of them have worked.

A side issue that may be related is when I try to create an Integration Services Project in Business Intelligence Studio I get a 'project creation failed' error.

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You might be running into a conflict with Visual Studio here. Do you have that installed? –  user3914 Nov 4 '10 at 19:21
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This worked for me.

Not from me but this guy/place.

user: KirkHaselden


Hmmm, very odd. It sounds as though you have a corrupted installation. Is this the first time you've installed SQL Server on that machine, IOW is it a clean install? You might try to regsvr32 DTSPipeline.dll. Then try again. It appears that it's just not registered.

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