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I am trialling cloudsigma, and they claim to use a KVM Hypervisor. I have a trial server, but cannot boot it from BIOS. Is this the case with all cloud servers?

The company claims I can run Hyper-V or ESX, but I would not be able to without going into BIOS first.


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You can not run Hyper-V on top of a hyper-visor – TomTom Oct 23 '10 at 14:54
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There isn't a BIOS in most VMs (and certainly not in KVM). I mean, there's something that works as a BIOS, but it's not going to be the "press F2 to set some stuff up" BIOS that you're used to.

If you're wanting to set boot parameters or something, they'll have to do it for you.

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Actually, VMWare Workstation (maybe others, I've never checked) do have an emulated BIOS that you can press a key to enter into. – Mark Henderson Oct 25 '10 at 0:45
Ok, but KVM certainly doesn't. The question does say "they claim to use a KVM Hypervisor" :) – Bill Weiss Oct 25 '10 at 16:03

ESX/i lets any VM go into BIOS - speak to them about this ok.

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