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I would like to know if Ruby and IIS 7 can live together, using the same 80 port in my webserver.

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Two disparate processes cannot share a port. This comes down to basics of socket programming. However, a sub-process can share a port with its parent, as seen with Apache on Windows (have a look using ProcessExplorer).

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Pardon my possible ignorance, but isn't ruby just a programming language? If so, then it won't use a port but depends on whether there's a ruby module for IIS. – Ben Pilbrow Oct 23 '10 at 19:14
Just answering the ports bit. Not a foggiest about Ruby. Thought it was a semi-precious stone. ;-) – Simon Catlin Oct 24 '10 at 9:09

Perhaps you are looking for this page?

Ruby On Rails For IIS Fast-CGI

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The best thing to do is to run IIS on port 80, and use it as a proxy to the rails server running on a separate port behind it.

You would use a host-mask filter to do this.

Or, you could use IIS to serve rails directly via FastCGI, though I would honestly use something that is more "normal" in the rails world, and simply proxy it through IIS.

We do something similar with a Apache TomCat install running a java site side by side with .NET sites.

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