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On one of our servers I used Perfmon to log CPU usage. It showed me several spikeat 100% but don't know what process(s) caused that. So, how can I log CPU usage for process which used more than 40%?


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With Perfmon, use the "Process" counter container. You can then examine individual processes. To dig deeper use SysInternals (now MS) ProcessExplorer.

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If you monitor your servers with SNMP, and store the recordings in something like Solarwinds Orion or MRTG or several other systems, you can keep a graph of CPU usage by process. You'll have to be able to keep the data by process name; I don't know if MRTG will do that OOTB or at all. I know that Orion will track named processes.

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How about the "tasklist" command? it's actually really useful, try it with the '/v' option.

Oh and HERE's a guide to it.

Hope it helps.

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You can also deploy nagios for monitoring

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