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I am looking for a 32 or 48 port Console Server for access to routers, switches console ports in our Colo - any recommendations?

The devices it would connect to are mainstream (Cisco, HP, NetApp, etc).

Be nice if it supported RADIUS, encryption, etc.

I like this one from Black Box

But ValueLine makes you buy a dongle for each connection type ($15-20) which can get pricey.

But this may be required for any Console Server.



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You can find rollover cable adapters for much cheaper than that. Shop around, or consider making your own rollover cables (at custom lengths, too! – Cakemox Oct 25 '10 at 18:43

We've looked at Raritan devices for this.

We use Raritan KVM switches and they've always worked well for us. We don't have enough serial devices in one location that we need a serial switch, so we've only ever demo'd a Dominion SX as a test, but it was pretty simple to get it up and running. Raritan's KSX II does both KVM and serial switch in one unit.

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Jeremy Stretch has been using an Opengear CM4116 console server for his Packetlife Community Lab for some time now.

The lab faq gives some informations about the console server (forbidden commands, send a break), and this link explain how the console server is linked to the lab server, which handles AAA (radius server).

Opengear also gives the source code of their products, if you want to customize your console server.

For my personal needs, I went the cheap way and built my own with a computer, three pci cards w/ 4 serial ports on each, and conserver. This works well and is easily expandable.

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