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OS: Windows 7 Pro

I'm working on a HP Compaq 8000 Elite Convertible Minitower PC and I added another NIC, I configured NIC Teaming (Switch Fault Tolerance mode) and I'm getting a pop-up box that looks something like this:

One or more adapters in the team do not support true NDIS6.20 Receive Side Scaling. Receive Side Scaling will be disabled for the team. This might have a negative impact on the performance of the team.

I performed the following command: "netsh interface tcp show global" and Receive Side Scaling shows as Enabled. It even shows enabled if I disable it from the advanced tab of each of the NICs before I create the teaming. (by the way, if I disable Receive Side Scaling for each of the NIC before I create the teaming I am no longer getting that pop-up message)

I inserted an additional external NIC and enabled teaming on the 2 external NICs I am not getting that pop-up, that means that the root cause of the problem is the internal NIC while doesn't support NDIS6.20

It would be great to know the following:

  1. If enabling teaming on the internal + external NIC, will Receive Side Scaling be completely disabled or will it be enabled but work at an inferior version?
  2. How significant is Receive Side Scaling for the team? What does Receive Side Scaling do exactly and in what situations?

Any additional info would help a lot.

Many thanks!

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