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On my ubuntu dns server I use bind9 and this tutorial here I have setup networkbox.local to When I ping this from my server it works correctly. But when I try and ping from another computer on the network It does not read the ipaddress. I have setup my other computer to use (the dns server) as their default dns server. Using the tutorial they are able to ping other domains fine but not my local one :(

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networkbox.local? You mean as in mDNS? – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Oct 26 '10 at 6:00

It should work. On the "another computer", what does dig networkbox.local yield? The line SERVER, near the end, should tell you if the "another computer" indeed used your DNS server.

PS : ".local" is a bad idea.

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Can you ping your DNS server by IP [eg. ping]?

If so, then your resolver isn't working properly; Try getent hosts networkbox.local] and see if that returns the correct IP address...

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First, are you sure that your client use your DNS server ? do a 'host networkbox.local'. Is it correctly answered ? If not, there is a network configuration error (check IP, masks, firewalls... on both).

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Do you have some kind of firewall software running on your box? Maybe your server is intentionally not returning ping requests.

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Firstly try:

dig a networkbox.local @

from the client machine. This will tell you whether server is correctly configured. If the answer is ok, you should start with checking /etc/resolv.conf, because problem seems to lie on client side. Also you can see what's going on using tcpdump - don't forget this.

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