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We have a Java based product that is mainly used on windows. Some customers complain that application is slow. We have analysed product using JProfiler and improved various bits.

As a next step, it will be useful run some "benchmark" tools on individual machines. Is there free/open source tool available for windows?

edit: I am looking for a tool to benchmark and compare two different machines- Not my application. Title is misleading. I removed java from it

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What do you want to benchmark? CPU, network, disk? Is your application memory-bound, CPU-bound, IO-bound? – wazoox Feb 21 '11 at 10:20

JDK 1.6 comes with VisualVM , this is simple to use for profiling.

Some other Open source profilers are listed here.

I have used Perf4J in the past to measure time taken on various code modules (like UI or DAO calls etc) , otherwise InfraRED is also recommended.

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