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I am using the hyper v role of windows server 2008 R2. I want to install OS in the virtual machine through C# code.

Also if there is an existing VHD of other VM can I able to link that VHD to a new VM with C# code. Waiting for your help.

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Ah. No. You can not never ever install an OS from C# code, you know. How would you do that on a physical server?

There are some ways to autoamte the setup process. They are windows integrated (unattended install) and a prepared image could possibly use a .NET program to pull an answer file automatically, but that is something different than you asked for.

can I able to link that VHD to a new VM with C# code

All the configuration you can easily do from any windows integrated language (which includes any .net language). Hyper-v, being a windows system feature, is fully exposed through WMI.

has some starts for using PowerShell, the same principles apply for any WMI capable language.

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C# is just a language, and much like any other. The question you're asking has little to do with language.

If you're asking if you can programmatically manipulate a VM under Hyper-V, the answer is yes. Hyper-V is entirely managed through WMI interfaces, as defined here:

You can interact with that in C#, using the .Net WMI classes, or you can (probably more easily) drive PowerShell cmdlets with your C# code. Whichever you're more comfortable with, they'll be more similar than different, as they both resolve down to .Net classes.

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