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I have multiple MySQL tables with names of the form "Shard_0", "Shard_1", "Shard_2" ... "Shard_n" All of them have identical table structure. They all live in the same database.

Say I want to add a column to all those tables. Is there a way to do that programmatically?

Something like:

# pseudo code    
for i in range(n):
    tablename = "shard_"+str(i)
    ALTER TABLE tablename ...

Is it possible to do something like that? If so what language and/or library do I need?


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Cross-posting does not reflect well upon oneself, since all it does is show everyone that one has no idea of what they're doing. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Oct 27 '10 at 6:43
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You could do this with a bash script and a pipe



echo "USE $DBNAME;"
while [ $TVAL -lt 10 ]

    echo "ALTER TABLE $TNAME$TVAL ...;"

and to use it

./scriptname | mysql -u user -p
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