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I have seen this error on a system with a Nehalem server motherboard. When it happens, the system freezes and will eventually reboot.

The full error is:

Processor /CATERR (#0x68) Informational event: CATERR reports it has been deasserted. BMC - LUN #0 (Channel #00h)

If you don't know anything about this exact error, I would still like to understand exactly what a "CATERR" is.

I should mention that the server is running a custom linux kernel based off 2.6.18.

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A processor CATERR is a CATastrophic ERRor asserted by the processor. As for the error itself, more info would help.

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If an “MCERR class” error occurs,CATERR# is asserted for 16 BCLKs.

If an “IERR class” error occurs,CATERR# remains asserted until warm or cold reset.


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