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Is load balancing a built-in feature of SharePoint 2010, in case you want to use multiple web servers in a three tier topology (web servers, app servers and then database servers). If not, what do you suggest? Hardware NLB, Software (OS or some other service/app), what's the best option in case of SharePoint 2010 installation?

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The various levels will each take the load their supposed to process, but if you have multiple (eg, multiple web servers) you will need to use a hardware load balancer, or MS's built-in NLB feature (or possibly a 3rd party software).

To install MS NLB, follow MS's instructions here. Then configure SharePoint for it. Instructions for WFE servers here. Depending on the versions your using, the process might be slightly different. Those should get you pointed in the right direction at least. There's also quite a bit available by Googling "SharePoint NLB [service]" where [service] is the part of SharePoint that you're trying to load balance.

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Can you tell me more about MS's built-in NLB feature? Is there a command to start it? – Regmi Oct 29 '10 at 5:17
Thx Chris. This helps a lot. – Regmi Nov 1 '10 at 16:58

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