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I am looking for a installer version which is entirely non GUI . since I have to install oracle 11g on a remote server(OS: Ubuntu). I am connected to remote server through ssh using putty.

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You can create a response file using the gui installer on a local server and then run the installer with the response file on the remote server.

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You can also edit a supplied silent response file, though I'd recommend Erik's method, especially since you are running on an unsupported OS and will (probably) need to bypass pre-requisite checks. – Gary Oct 28 '10 at 5:50
Here's a useful link – davey Oct 28 '10 at 7:17

You can also use X Windows over SSH to install. I've done it a half-dozen times with servers around the world.

Make sure XForwarding is enabled in your sshd_config file. Connect to the server with an X client (I use a Mac, so I can run the built-in X11 client and connect with "ssh -X servername".) I would expect you can do it with Putty but am unsure how.

Unpack the Oracle zips and execute runInstaller from the unzipped directory. You will get the remote GUI in your X client.

Beware that it can be slow if running halfway around the world over the Internet but it will work if you are patient.

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Dupe of this question which I answered for you already.

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