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I've got a weird problem with my web server.

I have a page that creates a PDF file and a button to send that same file as an attachment in an email.

So I hit create, then press send, create, then press send. The file name & location on the server is the same, but the contents change.

The thing is it frequently ends up sending the previous version even though it's over-written and no longer exists on the server. If I wait 10-20 minutes then it usually sends the correct file.

If I view the file in the browser it shows the latest version, even though it stills sends the old one in emails.

So I think it must be some sort of caching issue, does anyone know what I should change in IIS that could fix this.

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You can try disabling Output Caching in IIS 7. Refer Configure IIS 7 Output Caching and Caching. There is a small troubleshooting section at the end of the first link, please refer that as well.

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