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We would like to move our website to new server.

I created subdomain which is pointing to our new server with direct admin.

In direct admin I have already setup account and I want that subdomain is pointing in the same directory as

How could I do this with Direct Admin? Where can I write rules like this? (I am new with direct admin)

DocumentRoot "/home/domain/public_html"
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According to your example, if you add ServerAlias to your VirtualHost configuration, the content for both and will be served from the directory /home/domain/public_html.

I'm not familiar with DirectAdmin, but when logging into their demo system at with username demo_admin and password demo, it seems you can make custom changes to a domain's Apache configuration by going to "Custom HTTPD Configurations" under "Extra Features" on the main page, then select the domain in question, type in any extra directives you need, and click on Save.

Something like this:


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Great. It was simplier than I thought :) Thanks – knagode Oct 30 '10 at 18:35
For others who encounter this, bear in mind that changes made to the domain via the user account will overwrite these custom modifications. At least that's my understanding, I'm new to DA myself. – Brian Lacy Jun 28 '11 at 21:28

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