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i have one exchange server 2010, which is working fine with one domain. my exchange is working as follows

  1. pop3 collector collect emails from one master catchall account and then deliver to exchange server, this working perfect.

now what i want to add another domain to same exchange, i have added new domain as trusted domain & email policy and this new domain email account works fine with internal emails.

now what i have done, i again forward new email account to same catchall account.

but if i send email from any other external email address email is bounce, i can see email receive by pop3 collector but bounce by exchange server.

to make you more clear let me explain logic on which i am working.

  i have 2 domains
  1. domain1.com  (catchall@domain1.com)
  2. domain2.com  (info@domain2.com -->catchall@domain1.com)

now on my machine with exchange server i have pop3 collector which collect all emails from catchall@domain1.com and forward to exchange 2010 server.

all emails to domain1.com is working perfect but when i send email to info@domain2.com this email redirect to catchall@domain1.com perfectly but when exchanger server receive this email, it bounce.

i have also study the url

link text

and follow the whole process but no success.

i also check that my DNS/MX is working fine as the bounce message is going from my exchange server.


the only problem is with accepted domain, as email come to exchange server then bounce back.

i just try this today

i create one user called test, then i goto his properties --> email

there was only one email account test@domain2.com

i try to send email to test@domain2.com from internet (email bounce)

then again i go to test user properties --> email

and Add one email test@domain1.com

again u try to send email to t*est@domain1.com* from internet (email received)

i think the only problem is with accepted domain but in hub transport , it shows accepted

is there any way to check does domain is properly accepted or not in exchange 2010 server.


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Have you added the "info@domain2.com" address to the "catchall@domain1.com" account?

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yes, actually info@domain2.com redirect email to catchall@domain1.com –  air Oct 31 '10 at 13:06
Is "info@domain2.com" in the address properties of the "catchall@domain1.com" mailbox? If not, it should be, so "catchall@domain1.com" can correctly receive redirected (not forwarded) emails addressed to the "info@domain2.com" address. –  user48838 Oct 31 '10 at 20:28
see catch all is correctly receiving messages, and exchange is only one rejecting message.... –  air Nov 1 '10 at 18:04
What is the actual Exchange mailbox that the emails are suppose to forward to? –  user48838 Nov 2 '10 at 5:59
its info@domain2.com and emails come properly on exchanger server. but exchange bounce these emails... –  air Nov 2 '10 at 7:25

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