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Do you know/recommend any tool for graphing traffic based on IP or host? In this case, I will get a graph for every IP that passes through my gateway. Of course, I will use a predefined list of source IP addresses. This is useful to monitor the traffic usage of all hosts inside your network.

I am using nagios grapher to graph the network traffic, but this tool graph the total traffic passing through the system interface(s). Nagios uses a script to monitor the traffic of the interface. After that, the traffic data is passed to nagios grapher.

I need to install such a tool on my Linux server/gateway.

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You might take a look at ntop.

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Why is "look at ntop" or "look at atop" the common answer here? What the user is trying to do is visualize their traffic, not look at a boring chart or linear graph. I saw some responses to similar traffic lately that says that iptables is able to do some accounting. Then, someone is going to have to poll those statistics and visualize them. Standard model-view-controller problem. Model the data using iptables, view as a graph, controller directs selected data to the graph. – zerolagtime Oct 31 '10 at 19:55
ntop can visualize traffic based on IPs as described. zerolagtime, do you know of something that works better that you can contribute? – user48838 Oct 31 '10 at 20:33
You could have just stated so in the first place (via your posted answer) and more effectively (than your comments). Here's a screen shot of ntop's abilities to fulfill what was described in the original question (not sure what you have against notp)... – user48838 Nov 1 '10 at 7:14 lists quite a few tools that are good for examining, scraping, and visualizing network traffic. So far, the one I find pretty interesting is etherape. I even found out that some flash plugin is going to (LimeWire!!!). I'll be checking that out. There were other tools there also that I liked but haven't tried out yet: darkstat, and ttt. Both are on "ttt" will also graph your bandwidth by protocol.

Turns out that is a CDN for Whew!

alt text

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mrtg, pastmon, etherape, argus try Google for more.

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Explore for Cacti. It's a really good tool and opensource.

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