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I've source code files (Java and C++) to recover from a broken RAID 1+0 array, I've been able to access the virtual drive with an other server but the ReiserFS partition can't be recovered with ReiserFS tools.

I've made a binary image of the partition using DD, now I'm wondering if there is a tool better than GREP to find files using tags contained in files ex.:

WatchDog.cpp that must contain "class WatchDog..."

grep -a -B20 -A1000 'class WatchDog' BACKUP.img | strings > recovered.txt

I was thinking about some kind of REGEX tool that can find these files with a pattern as this is programming code!

Thank you for your help!

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if you get desperate try , i've had success with this program. Also might have some tools you can use.

good luck!

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Even if the partition cannot be recovered, can it still be mounted? What happens if you try something like mount -t reiserfs -o ro,loop your_dd_image.img /mnt/recovery? Does the mount fail? I also once experienced a failing RAID array containing a ReiserFS file system. In my case the partition contained lots of errors and was more like a fail system instead of file system, but nevertheless I was able to recover lots of files from there and the rest from the backups (you have those, right? ;).

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failsystem -> filesytem :-) hah, that's almost as a good as network -> notwork. – The Unix Janitor Nov 2 '10 at 15:19

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