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I am trying to mount a network drive via AFP on an Ubuntu 10.04 server machine. After installing AFP support, I use the following command:

sudo mount_afp afp:// /media/dir

This seems to work and it tells me that mounting succeeded. However, when I navigate to /media/dir I get the following error:

cd: cfs: Input/output error

Permissions in /media are:

d?????????  ? ?              ?                ? dir/
drwx------ 12 user        4.0K 2010-10-25 16:08 otherdisk/

So there is a permissions problem here. I eventually want to mount this drive automatically using fstab. What do I need to do to make the disk accessible?

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You need to make sure that the directory was created with a non-root user.

I also recommend uncommenting the user_allow_other line in /etc/fuse.conf, and then adding an entry in /etc/fstab that mounts it as the user that will need to access it (though the group must be fuse), like so:

afpfs#afp:// /media/dir fuse user=USER,group=fuse 0 0

Now you should be able to do sudo mount /media/dir and be able to access it.

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