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I'd like to allow one of my users to execute commands as another user on my Ubuntu Lucid server.

I'm struggling with finding the syntax for the sudoers file to do this. Say I'm connecting to the box with a user called 'ludo', and I want ludo to be able to execute commands as the 'django' user. eg:

sudo -u django

I'd like to be able to execute /any/ commands as the django user, and without prompting for a passsword. All the examples I find are for a restricted subset. I did attempt something but got a syntax error upon exiting visudo so I bottled it.

Thanks :)

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You can put the user to run as in parentheses before the command list:

ludo ALL = (django) NOPASSWD: ALL
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Superb - thank you :) – Ludo Nov 2 '10 at 16:48

According to sudoers(5) adding the line ludo ALL = /usr/bin/su django in the sudoers file should do the trick.

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