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Becasuse when I try, I get internal server error (code 500) stating that the web.config wasn't found...

Has anyone done this before and succeeded? I installed php through the web installer.

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Try Process Monitor and see which/where web.config is the process looking for when you try to hit your default PHP page. – Vivek Kumbhar Nov 3 '10 at 10:13
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it shouldn't be a problem, i have wordpress, mediawiki running off a virtual directory in IIS7.

what application is it ? can you create a new directory on your desired location, put your php app over there and map it to a new virtual directory with a diff name ?

also check your php.ini and see if short open tag is off then switch it on: short_open_tag=On

you can check your loaded PHP.ini path via php info in a web browser : copy and paste this in a text file and save it in your web root, browse to it :

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Hope that helps

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