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I have previously installed instances of Amazon EC2 servers. I know that it takes a while to get MySQL, Postgres, Rubygems, Ruby, etc.. installed on the server.

I'm wondering if there is a better way. For example, getting started with an existing/public AMI out there.

If so, what's the most complete AMI for a server that will only run Ruby (Sinatra/Rails with Postgres or MySQL) applications?


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If you're using one of the Ubuntu AMIs, it's as simple as

sudo apt-get install mysql-server postgresql ruby rubygems rails

Or if you're using Fedora or CentOS or Red Hat, it will probably be

sudo yum install mysql-server postgresql ruby rubygems rails

If you go to Amazon EC2 - Navigation - Images - AMIs and search for Public Images containing the word "ruby" you will find AMIs with names such as

  • rubysquickstart (by Amazon)
  • rubystack
  • rubyonrails


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You can get both EBS and S3-backed AMIs for Rails at BitNami

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