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What's wrong with mysql-server port?? I can't find it anywhere /usr/ports/database/mysql is mysql-client only =(

Please, don't say something like "you shouldn't use ports", only in that case if ports will be wiped out in openbsd. (lol, I hope this will never happen)

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Actually it's both, the server part is probably a flavour, see:

Unless you have good reason to compile from source you should check out packages, they're designed to be easy to use and maintain, especially when upgrading to newer versions (see pkg_add(1))

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$ make show=FLAVORS <-- empty result. pkg_add in this case won't help because tons of dependencies is NEWER in port tree.. and pkg_add requires older mysql-client and some other libs.. and btw this server is so old that it's just a-must to recompile with -Os – holms Nov 5 '10 at 6:10
oh ok I undertand now.. "make install-all" was the answer! I never had situtation where I need subpackages in ports X_X. Anyway thnx for the link! – holms Nov 5 '10 at 6:23
cd  /usr/ports/database/mysql/
env SUBPACKAGE="-server" make install
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